Sentence Examples

  • This is the exact phrase George W. Bush used to defeat John Kerry in November 2004.
  • The logo of the 1939 military vehicle incorporated the swastika with the now famous "W" in the center.Despite the strange KDF logo, Volkswagen's original logo was just a "W" encircled by the image of a gear.
  • Rubus Giraldianus - No Bramble in cultivation produces so striking an effect, in my opinion, as R. giraldianus, named in honor of Giraldi, an Italian, one of the intrepid Jesuit priests in W.
  • The most valuable sorts have come from W. grandiflora, which has the largest flowers, while the smaller, but more numerously-flowered kinds, have originated from W. rosea and W. floribunda.
  • What this means is that a single button corresponds both to the letter Q and the letter W, and then the on-board algorithm takes its best guess as to what word you are trying to spell.