Sentence Examples

  • It is extended in v II to the vineyard and the olive oil, but here the culture necessary to keep the vines and olive trees in order is not forbidden; the precept is only that the produce is to be left to the poor.
  • A verbal lease is deemed to be for the term necessary to enable the lessee to gather in all the produce, thus for a year in the case of a meadow or vineyard; in the case of lands leased in tillage, where they are divided into shifts or seasons, for as many years as there are shifts (Art.
  • They arrived in Rome in October 1537; and lived at first in a little cottage in a vineyard and near the Trinita dei Monti.
  • There is a large vineyard in the vicinity; truckgardening is an important industry in the surrounding country; and Fayetteville is a shipping centre for small fruits and vegetables, especially lettuce, melons and berries.
  • Ichthulin (see above) may be placed in this group; " helico-proteid," found in the serous gland of Helix pomatia, the vineyard snail, also belongs here.

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