Sentence Examples

  • Thousands of acres even of orchard, vineyard and farming land have been thus treated in recent years.
  • They are also fond of grapes and other fruits, and are thus the pests of the vineyard as well as the poultryyard.
  • The largest is Martha's Vineyard, about 20 m.
  • There is a tradition that the first settlement of Martha's Vineyard was made in 1632, at or near the present site of Edgartown village, by several English families forming part of a company bound for Virginia, their ship having put in at this harbour on account of heavy weather.
  • The younger Mayhew, soon after removing to Martha's Vineyard, devoted himself to missionary work among the Indians, his work beginning at about the same time as that of John Eliot; he was lost at sea in 1657 while on his way to secure financial assistance in England, and his work was continued successfully by his father.