Sentence Examples

  • But Monday, the dance master played a different tune—a beautiful Viennese waltz of warm air and sunshine that teased of spring, still months in the future.
  • Later explorers included the Viennese Ernst Marno (1870) and the Dutchman J.
  • Zunz; Jewish Encyclopedia passim; publications of Jewish societies, such as Etudes Juives, Jewish historical societies of England and America, German historical commission, Julius Barasch society (Rumania), Societas Litteraria Hungarico-Judaica, the Viennese communal publications, and many others to which may be added the 20 vols.
  • Yet during the armistice which ensued (June 4th - July loth; afterwards prolonged to August loth) Napoleon did nothing to soothe the Viennese government, and that, too, despite the encouragement which the allies received from the news of Wellington's victory at Vittoria and the entry of Bernadotte with a Swedish contingent on the scene.
  • Palacky had received a modest appointment as archivist to Count Sternberg and in 182 9 the Bohemian estates sought to confer on him the title of historiographer of Bohemia, with a small salary, but it was ten years before the consent of the Viennese authorities.

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