Sentence Examples

  • Betsy was in the kitchen, baking scones for a mid-morning snack, while the rest of us were lounging around the main room vetoing each other's suggestions.
  • This result revolted public opinion; the bishops acquired the habit (rendered easier by the personal expense involved in setting the law in motion) of vetoing, under the power given to them in the act, all prosecutions; and the act became a dead letter.
  • President Cleveland made large use of the veto power upon bills passed by Congress, vetoing or " pocketing " during his first term 413 bills, more than two-thirds of which were private pension bills.
  • The placetum regium, recursus ab abusu, nominatio regia, afid that of vetoing the nomination of personae minus gratae.
  • In any reform of the Bund, it ran, Prussia, equally with Austria, must have the right of vetoing war; she must be admitted, in the matter of the presidency, to absolute equality with Austria; and, finally, she will yield no tittle of her rights save to a parliament representing the whole German nation.

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