Sentence Examples

  • Notwithstanding the origin of organs, it still for a certain time, by reason of its want of an internal bony skeleton, remains worm and mollusk, and only later enters into the series of the Vertebrata, although traces of the vertebral column even in the earliest periods testify its claim to a place in that series."
  • This is the most perfect arrangement attained by the vertebral column, and is typical of, and restricted to, birds.
  • Later those pads fuse with the anterior end of the centrum of the vertebra to which they belong; where the vertebral column is rendered inflexible, the disks are ossified with the centra and all trace of them is lost.
  • The scapula is sabre-shaped, and extends backwards over the ribs, lying almost parallel to the vertebral column.
  • The Sympathetic System forms a chain on either side of the vertebral column.

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