Sentence Examples

  • The vendetta, too, is now hardly ever heard of.
  • They had all along maintained a virtual independence of the Turks and until quite recently retained their medieval customs, living in fortified towers and practising the vendetta or blood-feud.
  • The undue power of the Jemda is checked by vendetta and a sort of lynch law, and by the formation of parties (sofs), within or without the assembly, for trade, political and other purposes.
  • Their skill in and necessary devotion to the chase influence their whole mode of life; " their moral code is based upon a standard of physical culture and health."3 They live in small groups, every member of which is connected by family ties; between these groups, as in the case of the Yagans and Alakalufs, the vendetta is common.
  • The conch-shell is the trumpet of alarm and call to arms. The vendetta - resulting, when successful, in the bringing back the head of the slain as a trophy to be set up as a house ornament - is widely practised..

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