Sentence Examples

  • Vane, by W.
  • On the 9th of September Charles refused once mere the Newcastle Propositions offered him by the parliament, and Cromwell, together with Ireton and Vane, obtained the passing of a motion for a new application; but the terms asked by the parliament were higher than before and included a harsh condition - the he was blunt," says Waller, "he did not bear himself with pride or disdain.
  • Vane, Ludlow, Robert Overton, Harrison and Major Wildman, the head of the Levellers, were all arrested, while the royalist rising under Penruddock was crushed in Devonshire.
  • The statement of Vane and Ludlow, when they refused to acknowledge Cromwell's government, that it was "in substance a re-establishment of that which we all engaged against," was true.
  • He discovered that parliamentary government after all was not the easy and plain task that Pym and Vane had imagined, and Cromwell had in the end no better justification of his rule than that which Strafford had suggested to Charles I., - "parliament refusing (to give support and co-operation in carrying on the government) you are acquitted before God and man."

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