Sentence Examples

  • If you need to ship things like books, CD's, DVD's, videos or video games, manuscripts, etc., this USPS shipping method is less expensive than shipping by Parcel Post but may take up to nine days for your package to reach its destination.
  • Once you know that your computer is ready to create and print shipping labels, and you have completed registering on the USPS website, creating shipping labels with insurance is a simple task.
  • Workers who hold different positions have different uniform choices, including long and short sleeve denim shirts and navy blue polo tops, t-shirts, and sweaters adorned with the USPS logo.
  • If your computer has a recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader then you will not have to download any additional programs in order to create USPS shipping label with insurance.
  • The United States Postal Service (USPS) is a terrific source for shipping goods, whether for a large corporation, a home-based business, or simply shipping a gift to a friend.

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