Sentence Examples

  • Instead of starting with "http," a secure site's URL will start with "https." Depending on your web browser, an icon that looks like a locked padlock may also appear to show that you're on a secure website.
  • It is easy to translate a page on google translate as well; simply enter the url (or you can enter a phrase or upload a document as well), make sure you set the languages to translate from English and translate to French and voilà.
  • Couple may also want to add the URL for their wedding website so guests can get more information, and noting that an invitation will follow reassures guests that the magnet itself is not the wedding invitation.
  • For these purposes, due diligence goes beyond checking ownership and the like -- it also involves checking the popularity of the keywords that make up the URL against their search engine rankings.
  • Copyscape is a great tool that allows you to enter a URL for a place where your work is located, and it checks the Internet for examples of your exact phraseology used in documents somewhere else.