Sentence Examples

  • This method doesn't create an easily-accessible photo album, but you can cut out the middle man if you were only uploading photos to free photo sharing sites in order to post them on your blog in the first place.
  • The website DynamicDrive has many scripts and tools to do all sorts of fun HTML tricks - such as a tool for uploading an image and reducing it to a "FavIcon", a tiny icon that helps brand your website.
  • EasyPodder - Created for Windows and Linux, this is a one-stop shop for podcast production, generating RSS feeds (as .xml files), ID3 tags, and even providing an FTP tool for uploading your podcast.
  • Simple procedures that people who use computers frequently will find second nature, such as uploading photographs, may seem confusing and alien to someone new to this way of working with a computer.
  • Many new web designers often prefer either connecting directly to the web host and editing the web pages, or quickly editing a page locally and then uploading the file to the web host.

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