Sentence Examples

  • In 1899 the national Congress granted to the school 25,000 acres of mineral lands, of which 20,000 acres, valued at $200,000, were unsold in 1909.
  • It remained in Mantegna's studio unsold at his death, and was disposed of to liquidate debts.
  • In 1910 the total permanent school fund was $7,725,583 and the estimated value of the unsold lands held for the common schools and other educational endowments was $3,068,172.
  • But Ezra Cornell himself paid many salaries during early years, and provided much valuable equipment solely at his own expense; and because the state's land scrip was selling too low to secure an adequate endowment for the University, in 1866 he bought the land scrip yet unsold ' Ezra Cornell (2807-2874) was born in Westchester county, New York, on the i ith of January 1807.
  • Byan arrangement concluded in June 1898,between the Egyptian government and a syndicate, the unsold balance of the DaIra estates was taken over by the syndicate in October 1905, for the amount of the debt remaining, when the Daira loan ceased to exist.