Sentence Examples

  • In the case of the latter, the survival of the syllable "man" in Le Mans is due to the stress laid on the vowel; had the vowel been short and unaccented, it would have disappeared.
  • The result, owing to its symmetry, must still hold if we interchange accented and unaccented Greek letters, and by comparison we deduce (15) and (16), provided cr2 and Cr~2 are unequal.
  • The loss extends to the stem-ending of the first element of a compound, thus the personal name Maglo-ci nos became Maelgwn; and generally to unaccented syllables, thus episcopus became *epscop, whence esgob; trinitat-em gives trindod.
  • A long vowel when unaccented counts short, thus peccatorem treated as *peccatorem, gave pechadur.
  • In the better preservation of final and unaccented syllables and in the retention of the dual and the middle (passive) voice in verbs.