Sentence Examples

  • 11), the great comic dramatist of ancient Rome, was born at Sarsina in Umbria according to the testimony of Festus, who calls him Umber Sarsinas, and Jerome.
  • The n k umber and extent of these ruins (temples, palaces, ball courts, Market-places, &c.) indicate large towns in the midst of thickly settled, productive districts, for there were ibex', so far as can be determined, no means of supporting).a.rge urban populations through commercial exchanges.
  • The general colour is dark umber-brown, almost black on the back and grey below.
  • A large deposit of umber is worked in the neighbourhood.
  • Sometimes it is almost pasty, and crumbles to powder when dried, so as to be susceptible of use as a pigment, forming the colour known as Cologne earth, which resembles umber or sepia.

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