Sentence Examples

  • The round tub was luxurious, and her thoughts turned a different direction.
  • His tone made her want to crawl back into the tub and remain Talon's slave forever.
  • Terrified she'd find him in the tub, nothing more than a pile of bones, she pushed herself away from the wall and focused hard on calling a portal.
  • What in God's name ever made anyone think this tub of blub­ber was Jeffrey Byrne?
  • Thus he could count on presenting free from afterthoughts the vivid impressions which he had first received, and Millet's nature was such that the impressions which he received were always of a serious and often of a noble order, to which the character of his execution responded so perfectly that even a "Washerwoman at her Tub" will show the grand action of a Medea.