Sentence Examples

  • These maladies are caused by minute unicellula animal parasites (haematozoa) of the genus Trypanosoma (see Trypanosomes); and recent investigations have shown that, under normal conditions, the particular species of Trypanosoma concerned (T.
  • The generic name of Trypanosoma was conferred by Gruby in 1843 upon the wellknown parasite of frogs.
  • Dutton, who (11) gave this form the name of Trypanosoma gambiense.
  • Until lately it remained quite uncertain, however, whether the invertebrate merely conveys the Trypanosomes or whether 1 Trypanosoma equiperdum, the cause of dourine in horses and asses, is apparently only conveyed by the act of coitus.
  • Schaudinn has stated, however, that Trypanomorpha becomes, in certain phases, attached to a red blood-corpuscle (ectoglobular), and, in others, penetrates inside one and eventually destroys it (endoglobular); while his other avian parasite, Trypanosoma ziemanni, apparently draws up into itself the white corpuscle (leucocyte) to which it becomes attached.

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