Sentence Examples

  • The generic name of Trypanosoma was conferred by Gruby in 1843 upon the wellknown parasite of frogs.
  • Dutton, who (11) gave this form the name of Trypanosoma gambiense.
  • Until lately it remained quite uncertain, however, whether the invertebrate merely conveys the Trypanosomes or whether 1 Trypanosoma equiperdum, the cause of dourine in horses and asses, is apparently only conveyed by the act of coitus.
  • The end by which the parasites join is typically, in the case of Trypanosoma, the non-flagellate (anterior) end.
  • That one and the same species may appear entirely different in different phases of the life-history is manifest on comparing, for instance, the chief " forms " of Trypanosoma FIG.