Sentence Examples

  • The first observation of a trypanosome is usually ascribed to Valentin (55), who in 1841 announced his discovery of certain amoeboid parasites in the blood of a trout.
  • The credit for first recognizing a trypanosome in human blood, and describing it as such, must undoubtedly be assigned to G.
  • A Trypanosome usually produces markedly harmful effects upon gaining an entry into animals which have never been, by their distribution, liable to its invasion previously.
  • Nevertheless, the fact, commented upon by several observers, that even here an infected fly is only infectious for a comparatively short period suggests that this species of fly, at any rate, is not the true alternate host in which the life-cycle of that particular Trypanosome is completed.
  • The main features of trypanosomosis, or illness caused by a Trypanosome, show a general agreement, whichever variety is considered; one symptom may be, of course, more marked than another in any particular case.