Sentence Examples

  • Operating your homeschool according to the regulations in place is very important, as in most states, charges of truancy and educational neglect can be brought against parents who do not file the proper paperwork.
  • Alternately, some states are investigating ways to use incentives such as linking eligibility for public assistance to truancy as an effective way to capture parents' interest in keeping their children in school.
  • Behavioral signs of this adjustment disorder include primarily actions that show a disregard for rules, laws, and the rights of others, such as picking fights, vandalism, truancy, and reckless driving for teens.
  • Parental involvement with teachers can head off many problems of truancy, and community education on gang culture will help parents and teachers to identify early signs of gang involvement.
  • They engage in a variety of antisocial and destructive acts, including violence towards people and animals, destruction of property, lying, stealing, truancy, and running away from home.