Sentence Examples

  • They engage in a variety of antisocial and destructive acts, including violence towards people and animals, destruction of property, lying, stealing, truancy, and running away from home.
  • Psychiatrists consider truancy one of many symptoms of oppositional defiant disorder or the more serious diagnosis of conduct disorder, especially when truancy begins before age 13.
  • Parents are troubled by children who are out of control and have problem behaviors such as running away, truancy, school failings or suspensions, and delinquency.
  • Finally, a close link between the school, law enforcement, juvenile court, family court officials, and social service agencies may lead to solutions for truancy.
  • Operating your homeschool according to the regulations in place is very important, as in most states, charges of truancy and educational neglect can be brought against parents who do not file the proper paperwork.