Sentence Examples

  • Also, the governors are now, as a rule, resident in theii provinces instead of being absentees at the capital.
  • The encumbered estates act, though it substituted a solvent for an insolvent proprietary, placed the Irish tenants at the mercy of landlords of whom they had no previous knowledge, who were frequently absentees, who bought the land as a matter of business, and who dealt with it on business principles by raising the rent.
  • The lands of the earl of Shrewsbury and other absentees, who had performed no duties, were resumed; and both Celtic and feudal nobles were encouraged to come to court.
  • It failed chiefly from the grants to individuals who neglected to plant English farmers, and were often absentees themselves.
  • The estates of absentees were vested in the crown, and, as only two months law was given, this was nearly equivalent to confiscating the property of all Protestants.

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