Sentence Examples

  • The "Argo" was now carried twelve days and twelve nights to the Hesperides, and thence to lake Tritonis (where the seer Mopsus died), whence Triton conducted them to the Mediterranean.
  • In 1746 he became post-captain, and commanded the "Triton" (24) in the West Indies.
  • According to Apollodorus (iii, 12, 3) it was made by order of Athena, and was intended as an image of Pallas, the daughter of Triton, whom she had accidentally slain, Pallas and Athena being thus regarded as two distinct beings.
  • - A, Triton variegation, to show the proboscis or buccal introvert (e) in a state of eversion.
  • The building was surmounted by a weathercock in the form of a bronze Triton; it contained a water-clock to record the time when the sun was not shining.