Sentence Examples

  • In his hand he bore a trident, wherewith :lie lashed the sea into fury, split the rocks, and caused horses mid XXII.
  • Nereus is represented with the sceptre and trident; the Nereids are depicted as graceful maidens, lightly clad or naked, riding on tritons and dolphins.
  • The horse was especially associated with his worship; he was said to have produced the first horse by striking the ground in Thessaly with his trident (Virgil, Georgics, i.
  • Thirdly, the three intersections by the line infinity may be coincident and real; or say we have a threefold point: this may be an inflection, a crunode or a cusp, that is, the line infinity may be a tangent at an inflection, and we have the divergent parabolas; a tangent at a crunode to one branch, and we have the trident curve; or lastly, a tangent at a cusp, and we have the cubical parabola.
  • In the dolphins the teeth form simple cones, but in the seals they are often trident-like; while in the otters the dentition differs but little from the ordinary carnivorous type.

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