Sentence Examples

  • The Cicadidae are for the most part large insects with ample wings; they are distinguished from other Homoptera by the front thighs being thickened and toothed beneath.
  • The mandible is toothed but has no coronoid bone.
  • Sliding Contact (direct): Teeth of Wheels, their Number anc PitchThe ordinary method of connecting a pair of wheels, or wheel and a rack, and the only method which ensures the exaci maintenance of a given numerical velocity ratio, is by means of i series of alternate ridges and hollows parallel or nearly parallel t(the successive lines of contact of the ideal smooth wheels whon velocity ratio would be the same with that of the toothed wheels The ridges are called teeth; the hollows, spaces.
  • The roundish leaves, toothed on the margin, are slightly downy when young, but afterwards smooth, dark green on the upper and greyish green on the lower surface; the long slender petioles, much flattened towards the outer end, allow of free lateral motion by the lightest breeze, giving the foliage its well-known tremulous character.
  • The hour circle has two toothed circles cut upon it, one acted upon by a worm screw mounted on the pier and driven by clockwork, the other by a second worm screw attached to the polar axis, which can be turned by a handle in the observer's hand and thus a slow movement can be given to the telescope in right ascension inde FIG.

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