Sentence Examples

  • Frigg is his wife, and several of the gods, including Thor and Balder, are his sons.
  • Some mythologists have compared the hammer of Hephaestus with that of Thor, and have explained it as the emblem of a thunder-god; but it is Zeus, not Hephaestus, who causes the thunder, and the emblems of the latter god are merely the signs of his occupation as a smith.
  • Among these were Odin (Woden), Thor (Thunor) and Tyr (Ti); so also Frigg (Frig), the wife of Odin (see Frigg, Odin, Woden, Thor, Tyr).
  • Heimdallr, the watchman of the gods and Ullr, the stepson of Thor, as well as Hoenir, Bragi and most of the other less prominent gods, Writing.
  • Indeed, such may very well have been the case with Frey, the chief god of the North after Thor and Odin.

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