Sentence Examples

  • Some people may find that third-party accessories don't perform as well as their first-party counterparts, so be sure to check up on some reviews online or check to see what the return policy is like at the store of your choice.
  • While a PS3 Slim comparison will reveal that the new version still provides a pair of USB ports and full 802.11b/g Wi-Fi wireless connectivity, it is missing the ability to install a third-party operating system (OS).
  • Because many third-party developers shifted their focus away from Nintendo, a significant proportion of the titles found on the Nintendo 64 were either developed in-house, or by "second-party" companies like Rare.
  • From creepy third-party horror games like D to in-house developed racers like Daytona USA, the Sega Saturn had a reasonable selection of games, but nowhere close to the huge library found on the Sony PlayStation.
  • This means that it is an Apple cell phone wherein the iPhone software has been "cracked", opening it up for use on other networks and opening it up so that unique third-party applications can be used on it.