Sentence Examples

  • "These cancel out your thermal signature," he said, holding them out.
  • For very accurate work it is desirable that the base-plate, the slide and the scale should be of nickel steel, having the same thermal coefficient of expansion as glass.
  • His data for the thermal conductivity of various metals were for long the most trustworthy at the disposal of physicists, and his determination of the ohm in terms of the specific resistance of mercury showed remarkable skill in quantitative research.
  • The chemical characters of the well-waters, the irregular distribution of the water-pressure, the distribution of the underground thermal gradients, and the occurrence in some of the wells of a tidal rise and fall of a varying period, are facts which are not explained on the simple hydrostatic theory.
  • Discussions have taken place as to the theory of the operations in them, in which some have advocated a thermal explanation and others a chemical explanation (see V.

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