Sentence Examples

  • Of water, the lift cannot be theoretically more than this distance when water is being pumped.
  • This is also the case if two substances are brought together in solution, by the action of which upon each other a third body is formed which is insoluble in the solvent employed, and which also does not tend to react upon any of the substances present; for instance, when a solution of a chloride is added to a solution of a silver salt, insoluble silver chloride is precipitated, and almost the whole of the silver is removed from solution, even if the amount of the chloride employed be not in excess of that theoretically required.
  • We seem forced to accept a practical criterion for purposes of interpretation rather than one which can be theoretically defended against all adverse criticism.
  • It is to solve some of the problems of life, not only theoretically, but practically.
  • Theoretically the critical volume is three times the volume at absolute zero, i.e.

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