Sentence Examples

  • Once you've verified your phone using the instructions above, you can immediately start receiving updates from people that you're following by enabling phone notifications by texting specific codes to the Twitter phone number.
  • You can see the differences in price (sometimes as low as $0.99), size, weight, type, talk and standby times, and special features including everything from texting capabilities to whether or not there is a tip calculator.
  • While the company doesn't have any smartphones in its arsenal, available options include a number of capable basic phones from LG, Samsung, and Motorola, including many with QWERTY pads for easier texting.
  • With all the abbreviations that teens use when texting or instant-messaging one another online, as well as their day-to-day vocabulary, an adult may feel like a teen is speaking Greek to him.
  • While IM lingo may speed up chats and phone texting, it is often more impressive to express yourself in complete sentences with proper punctuation in your non-virtual communications.