Sentence Examples

  • The young attorney was always well pre­pared, and the police appreciated how tenaciously he pursued his cases.
  • Tiyan's armies fought tenaciously and successfully in defense of the small kingdom; what would they do if channeled into the offensive?
  • By this literary merit Fustel set little store, but he clung tenaciously to his edition of a Latin classic and the first book containing Greek characters, while in the colophon Fust for the first time calls Schoffer "puerum suum"; (8) the same, 4th February 1466; (9) Grammatica rhytmica (1466), folio, II leaves.
  • The Order, clinging to its rights with the conservatism of an ecclesiastical corporation, still maintained its claims to East Prussia, and pressed them tenaciously even against the electors of Brandenburg themselves, when they inherited the land on the failure of Albert's descendants in 1618.
  • Any change which a substance may chance to undergo was simply due to the discarding or taking up of some proportion of the primary " elements " or qualities: of these coverings " water," " air," " earth " and " fire " were regarded as clinging most tenaciously to the essence, while " cold," " heat," " moistness " and " dryness " were more easily cast aside or assumed.

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