Sentence Examples

  • A good deal of teak and cutch is worked out.
  • The Daniell type consists of a teak trough divided into five cells by slate partitions coated with marine glue.
  • The bombax or silk-cotton tree attains gigantic proportions in the forests, which are the home of the indiarubber-producing plants and of many valuable kinds of timber trees, such as odum (Chlorophora excelsa), ebony, mahogany (Khaya senegalensis), African teak or oak (Oldfieldia africana) and camwood (Baphia nitida).
  • The great hardness of teak is due to the silica deposited in the heart-wood, and the special coloring matters of various woods, such as satinwood, ebony, &c., are confined to the heart-wood.
  • Nux vomica, gamboge, caoutchouc, cardamoms, teak and other valuable woods and gums are among the natural products.