Sentence Examples

  • If couples enjoy the Asian accents of lucky bamboo but don't want to overdo the effect, they may also consider bonsai trees, origami figurines, or miniature Chinese takeout wedding favor boxes in their décor.
  • Known as "takeout" brushes, these chubby tools are the perfect size to slip inside a purse, in a pocket or in a desk drawer for quick, on-the-spot touchups.
  • The other day I was "skulking" into a Mexican restaurant to grab some takeout and go home... in my sweatsuit and no makeup, and I got recognized!
  • Although these items are still typically cheaper than ordering takeout or pizza delivery, it's best to cook from scratch whenever possible.
  • You can do just about anything online these days, whether going to school, ordering takeout, paying bills, or even earning a living.