Sentence Examples

  • For example, if you come across plastic ice cream sundae cups marked down to 25 cents at the end of summer, you can fill the cups with candy, wrap in tulle, and tie with a ribbon for a total of less than 50 cents per person.
  • If Uncle Vinnie's homemade lasagna tastes just like the version served up by La Pasana or Aunt Lucy's sundae is better than ones sold at Baskin-Robbins, then say so in your journaling block.
  • Whether it is for a hot fudge sundae or a slice of pizza with extra cheese and all the toppings, anything goes as long as it doesn't go over the extra points value for the week.
  • Sundaes: Put out all the sundae fixings, including whipped cream, cherries, bananas, nuts and sprinkles, as well as chocolate syrup, butterscotch topping and caramel topping.
  • Have guests make-their-own food, such as offering unique pizza toppings, fondue fountains, sundae bars, nacho fixings, sandwich selections, or build-a-burger stations.