Sentence Examples

  • Barren Island is a volcano of the general Sunda group which includes also the Pegu group to which Narcondam belongs.
  • The area over which it is spoken comprises the peninsula of Malacca with the adjacent islands (the Rhio-Lingga Archipelago), the greater part of the coast districts of Sumatra and Borneo, the seaports of Java, the Sunda and Banda Islands.
  • SUMBAWA (Dutch Soembawa), one of the Little Sunda islands in the Dutch East Indies, east of Lombok, from which it is separated by the narrow Alas Strait.
  • Halys in the Caspian district, others in the Himalayas, Ceylon and Sunda islands.
  • On the north this depression sinks into the long and narrow Sunda Trench south of Java, and here in 10 15' S., 108° 5' E., the German surveying-ship " Planet " obtained a sounding of 3828 fathoms in 1906.