Sentence Examples

  • These researches led to a wide discussion of the sufficiency of the law of uniformly varying stress when applied to horizontal joints as a test of the stability of dams. Professor Karl Pearson showed that the results are dependent upon the assumption that the distribution of the vertical stresses on the base of the structure also followed the law of uniformly varying stress.
  • But on reflection we are led to question the sufficiency of the account thus offered to us.
  • As successor Tuzun chose al-Mostakfi billah (" he who finds full sufficiency with God"), a son of Moktafi.
  • The ideal soil for vinegrowing is that which possesses a sufficiency, but not an excess, of nutriment for the plant, and which is so constituted that it will afford good drainage.
  • There will be a new law, dwelling specially upon the " external duties" required of all men, wise or unwise; and even the sufficiency of virtue for our happiness may be questioned.

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