Sentence Examples

  • In an attack on Damascus (1127), he was defeated and slain on his northern frontier by a Mahommedan army from Aleppo (iii).) He had shown that he had his father's courage: if time had sufficed, he might have shown that he had the other qualities of the first Bohemund.
  • Up to that time an induction coil known as a ro-inch coil had sufficed for spark production, but it was evident that much more power would be required to send electric waves across the Atlantic. Transformers were therefore employed taking alternating electric current from an alternator driven by an oil or steam engine, and these high tension transformers were used to charge condensers and set up powerful oscillations in a multiple antenna.
  • This measure, which States, seemed to the pious an act of sacrilege, and to Italian patriots an outrage on the only independent sovereign of the peninsula, sufficed for the present.
  • Of the gross revenue (less the cost of maintaining the rolling stock, incumbent on the state) scarcely sufficed to pay the interest on debts incurred for railway construction and on the guaranteed bonds.
  • Two battles, one at Karkar in the north, another at Rapih (Raphia) on the border of Egypt, sufficed to quell the disturbance.

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