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  • The Barbarian Invasion and the Visigothic Kin gdom.With the irruption of the Vandals, the Suebi and the Alans, the history of Spain enters on a long period of division and confusion which did not end even with the union of the chief kingdoms by the marriage of Isabel]a and Ferdinand at the close of the 15th century.
  • The Suebi, who remained, were certainly not more numerous.
  • The great landowners who formed the ordo senatorius had almost as much to fear from the agrarian insurgents known as bagaudac, who are indeed found acting with the Suebi, as from the barbarians.
  • He destroyed the Alans, and drove the Vandals and Suebi into the north-west.
  • He defeated the Roman senators of the Tarraconensis and the Suebi, putting their king to death, and advanced as far as Mrida.

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