Sentence Examples

  • Do you plan on purchasing a stroller you can use with a newborn and later with your toddler as she grows, or do you want a stroller for a particular use, such as a jogging stroller?
  • From the quarter you cut out, cut two small circles to place below the stroller, and a small handle to place next to the cut-out part (attached at the bottom of the cut-out area).
  • Pets suffering from arthritis and other degenerative disorders may not be able to endure a standard walk, but put them in a stroller, and they can still get fresh air and enough mental stimulation to keep them alert and happy.
  • Also, if you plan on making stops along the way to take in the sights, a reclining stroller gives your baby a place to sleep comfortably and gives your back a break from carrying the infant the entire time.
  • The older child's self-esteem can be bolstered by involving him in the care of the newborn in modest ways, such as helping out when the baby is being diapered or dressed or helping push the stroller.