Sentence Examples

  • No satisfactory collection has been made of the Celtic inscriptions of Cisalpine Gaul, though many are scattered about in different museums. For our present purpose it is important to note that the archaeological stratification in deposits like those of Bologna shows that the Gallic period supervened upon the Etruscan.
  • When formed inside it, the starch-grains exhibit a concentric stratification; when formed externally in the outer layers, the stratification is excentric, and the hilum occurs on that side farthest removed from the leucoplast.
  • The stratification, which may be concentric or excentric, appears to be due to a difference in density of the various layers.
  • The sides of the hill are rocky, and remarkable for the regular stratification of the limestone, which gives the hill at a distance the appearance of being terraced.
  • Of the 50th parallel appears the loess, with all its usual characters (land fossils, want of stratification, &c.), showing a remarkable uniformity of composition over very large surfaces; it covers both watersheds and valleys, but chiefly the former.

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