Sentence Examples

  • Damian turned down the stereo blasting trance music and faced her, crossing his arms as she closed the door.
  • The " structure theory " (or the mode of linking of the atoms) of carbon compounds, founded by Butlerow, Kekule and Couper and, at a later date, marvellously enhanced by the doctrine of stereo-isomerism, due to J.
  • Being different monovalent atoms or radicals (see Stereo-Isomerism).
  • Simultaneously with the discussions of Kekule, Ladenburg, Claus, Baeyer and others as to the merits of various plane formulae of the benzene complex, there were published many suggestions with regard to the arrangement of the atoms in space, all of which attempted to explain the number of isomers and the equivalence of the hydrogen atoms. The development of stereo-isomerism at the hands of ' Victor Meyer and G.
  • [V.], 26, p. 426) in which he discussed various stereo-chemical representations of the benzene nucleus.

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