Sentence Examples

  • They also came from very different backgrounds and had careers ranging from stay-at-home fathers to professional wrestlers to bank consultants.In the end, Margolis chose male model Leighton Stultz, who is 20 years younger than she is.
  • The Internet - Many sites will have downloadable and printable dumbbell workout charts that cater to all sorts of exercise demographics - from full-time stay-at-home parents to jetsetting business professionals.
  • While early serials were really aiming at the stay-at-home wife and mother, the modern inventions of TiVo, DVR, VCR, Internet and SOAPnet, let fans catch up with their favorite daytime dramas anytime.
  • The majority of American families at the time were similarly structured, with a working dad, stay-at-home mom and two seemingly well-adjusted kids; American family values were traditional ones.
  • If you have small children and a job with a long commute, you may discover that being a stay-at-home parent makes more financial sense than continuing to pay for daycare during the workweek.

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