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  • 13-17), we now have the strict prohibition of any employment whatever of the stonesymbol (Massebhah), and of all forms of sorcery, soothsaying and necromancy (Deut.
  • The great blot on his memory is his cruelty, which at times was frightful, and showed itself in its full fierceness in the punishment of persons accused of witchcraft, soothsaying or magical practices.
  • QKt&, shade, shadow, and, uavreia, soothsaying, divination), a form of divination by means of supposed communication with the shades or spirits of the dead.
  • As contrasted with the baru or soothsaying priest, as he is called by Zimmern, we have the asipu, who was the priestmagician who dealt in conjurations (siptu), whereby diseases were removed, spells broken, or in expiations whereby sins were expiated.
  • If the modus operandi was akin to soothsaying it was only because that special form of soothsaying was peculiar to the particular cult of that god, and even this as a secondary development.

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