Sentence Examples

  • I surely deserve the comfort of a little friend to sooth my troubled mind.
  • Actually, it never crossed her mind, but that wouldn't sooth him, and if she had thought about it, that would have been her reasoning.
  • The life-buoy--a long slender cask--was dropped from the stern, where it always hung obedient to a cunning spring; but no hand rose to seize it, and the sun having long beat upon this cask it had shrunken, so that it slowly filled, and that parched wood also filled at its every pore; and the studded iron-bound cask followed the sailor to the bottom, as if to yield him his pillow, though in sooth but a hard one.
  • Sooth, generally for women, A man might strive to make glass malleable, Ere he should make them fixed.
  • To speak sooth, now that he had love in earnest to make, his heart almost failed him.

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