Sentence Examples

  • The snowdrop is a doubtful native of Great Britain, but is largely cultivated for market in Lincolnshire.
  • Other distinct species of snowdrop are the Crimean snowdrop, G.
  • Of this class, with which may be associated hardy subjects which flower during that season or very early spring, as the Christmas rose, and amongst bulbs the crocus and snowdrop. Later the spring garden department is a scene of great attraction; and some of the gardens of this character, as those of Cliveden and Belvoir, are among the most fascinating examples of horticultural art.
  • The Snowdrop. Early spring-flowering amaryllidaceous bulbs, with pretty drooping flowers, snow-white, having the tips of the enclosed petals green.
  • Vernum, 6 in., blooms shortly after the snowdrop, and should have a light rich soil and sheltered position; L.