Sentence Examples

  • The Snowdrop Tree is very slow, and grows and flowers badly on heavy, cold soils; on free, sandy loams it grows freely and flowers abundantly, and in that case is the most beautiful of flowering trees.
  • It grows in England from 20 to 30 feet high, has a rounded head, with sharply-toothed leaves, in May bearing many white blossoms, in form like the Snowdrop, hence its popular name.
  • Vernum, 6 in., blooms shortly after the snowdrop, and should have a light rich soil and sheltered position; L.
  • Halesia - Snowdrop Tree.
  • The arrangement of the parts in the flower resembles that in the nearly allied order Amaryllidaceae (Narcissus, Snowdrop, &c.), but differs in the absence of the inner whorl of stamens.