Sentence Examples

  • Often, individuals who snore are oblivious to the sounds they make when the lights go out, though you may wonder how they could possibly sleep with sounds similar to a marching band bellowing from their throat.
  • Before investing in Pure Sleep or any other medical based snore relief product, consumers should consult their physician for advice and to make sure that Pure Sleep is an opportunity worth exploring.
  • Hot Wheels Snore Slammer Alarm Clock Radio: For tired little boys who need an energetic wake-up call, the Hot Wheels clock provides custom snore slammer sounds or radio music alarms.
  • Understanding what causes people to snore, and seeking help for frequent snoring, can improve the quality of your sleep and help prevent a host of negative health consequences.
  • These people often turn to products designed specifically to drown out the sound of snoring, especially if the snorer has tried several snore blockers without success.