Sentence Examples

  • Various species among those that are predaceous attack smaller insects, hunt in packs crustaceans larger than themselves, insert their narrow heads into snail-shells to pick out and devour the occupants, or pursue slugs and earthworms underground.
  • So too the acrembolic eye-tentacle of the snail has a complete range of movement, and also the pleurembolic proboscis of the Rhabdocoel prostoma.
  • - Developmentof the River-Snail, Paludina, vivipara.
  • - A Series of Stylommatophorous Pulmonata, showing transitional forms between snail and slug.
  • The generative apparatus of the snail (Helix) may serve as an example of the hermaphrodite apparatus common to the Pulmonata and Opisthobranchia (fig.

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