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  • Other pairs of isomorphous argentiferous minerals are: the cubic polybasite, 9Ag2S Sb2S3, and pearceite, 9Ag2S As2S3; and the germanium minerals argyrodite, 4Ag 2 S GeS2, and canfieldite, 4Ag 2 S (Sn, Ge) S2.
  • Assuming, for example, that the northern star has the smaller right ascension, the instrument is first, with the aid of the stop, placed in the meridian towards the north; the verniers of the graduated circle g are set to read to the reading 40-2(Sn+Ss) where 0 is the approximate latitude of the place and Sn, Ss the declinations of the northern and southern star respectively; then the level frame h is turned till the levels k and I are in the middle of their run, and there clamped by the screw m, aided in the final adjustment by the adjoining slow motion screw shown in the figure.
  • Matthiessen and Bose obtained large crystals of the alloy Au 2 Sn 5, having the colour of tin, which changed to a bronze tint by oxidation.
  • For example, the compound Cu3Sn is not indicated in the freezing-point curve, and indeed a liquid alloy of this percentage does not begin to solidify by the formation of crystals of Cu 3 Sn; the liquid solidifies completely to a uniform solid solution, and only at a lower temperature does this change into crystals of the compound, the transformation being accompanied by a considerable evolution of heat.
  • The most important cases are I +2 +3 +...+n = 2n(n +I), 12+22+32+...+n2 = sn(n+I) (2n+1), I 3 +2 3 +3 3 +...

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