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  • In historic times it was applied to the inhabitants of (I) Attica, where some believed the Ionians to have originated; (2) parts of Euboea; (3) the Cycladic islands, except Melos and Thera; (4) a section of the west coast of Asia Minor, from the gulf of Smyrna to that of Iasus (see Ionia); (5) colonies from ' any of the foregoing, notably in Thrace, Propontis and Pontus in the west, and in Egypt (Naucratis, Daphnae); some authorities have found traces of an ancient Ionian population in (6) north-eastern Peloponnese.
  • (1324-1359), to whom Boccaccio dedicated one of his works, and who set on foot an alliance with the pope, Venice and the Hospitallers, which resulted in the capture of Smyrna (1344).
  • Smyrna was competed in Oct 1876 and launched as a wool clipper for the Australian trading market.
  • Smyrna would represent the persecuted church, reminding us of that period of church history under various roman leaders who cruelly persecuted Christians.
  • Revelation chapter 2 verse 10, the church at Smyrna: ' Be faithful unto death ' - what a demand !

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