Sentence Examples

  • A case-containing several sheaves is called a block.
  • Frames or blocks containing pulleys or sheaves are used in combination for lifting heavy weights.
  • At harvest the corn was cut high on the stalk with short sickles and put up in sheaves, after which it was carried to the threshing-floor and there trodden out by the hoofs of oxen.
  • The rope, which is guided upon sheaves between the rails, is taken twice round the head pulley.
  • From all such property, whether land or the sheaves and fruits of land, and also from the personal property of burghers in the towns; Knox now held that the state should authorize the kirk to claim the salaries of the ministers, and the salaries of teachers in the schools and universities, but above all, the relief of the poor - not only of the absolutely "indigent" but of "your poor brethren, the labourers and handworkers of the ground."

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