Sentence Examples

  • February Having Then Twenty Nine Days, The 25Th Was The 6Th Of The Calends Of March, Sexto Calendas; The Preceding, Which Was The Additional Or Intercalary Day, Was Called Bis Sexto Calendas, Hence The Term Bissextile, Which Is Still Employed To Distinguish The Year Of 366 Days.
  • Pro Sexto Roscio, pro Murena, pro Cacina, de lege agraria i.-iii., pro Rabirio perduellionis reo, pro Rabirio Postumo, pro Roscio Comoedo, and in Pisonem.
  • Later writers (for instance, Claudian, De sexto Cons.
  • C. (Halle, 1897); Sexto, Abraham a S.
  • The Liber Sextus is cited like the decretals of Gregory IX., only with the addition of: in sexto (in VI°.).

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